DA: DNA testing helps with homicide case, Harrisburg man charged


"What I will tell you is that if you commit a crime in Carlisle Borough or Cumberland County we will find you," said Taro Landis, Carlisle Chief of Police.

Firm words from Carlisle Chief of Police after the arrest of Christopher Williams. Police tell CBS 21 that Christopher Williams shot Raheem Hodge.

"That's my baby right there," said Mary Jane Hodge, "He's the one that caught that boy, God."

Cumberland County DA David Freed with the latest on this horrific shooting.

"Standing up here again at this great police department to talk about another unnecessary death," said David Freed, Cumberland County DA.

Police say Williams entered the home of Hodge looking for money. An attempted robbery which lead to a scuffle between Williams and Hodge. Later, police say they found Hodge on the kitchen floor.

"Autopsy took place today, cause of death was a gunshot wound," said Freed.

It was an extensive investigation that lead to an arrest of Williams within 48 hours.

"We were helped by the presence of witnesses who cooperated not just in the actual residence, but in that building so we are very thankful for that," said Freed.


"Forensic folks were called out and worked hand in hand with police and were able to recover significant evidence," said Freed.

Plus with the help of advance forensic technology in Cumberland County.

"This lends itself what the DNA does is it lends itself to the strength of the case, it will improve our presentation at a preliminary hearing," said Freed.

Williams preliminary hearing is scheduled on November 22.

You can watch the full press conference here:

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