Couple's response to stolen Trump signs? Building a wall

CBS 21

With just one day until the Pennsylvania primary, many areas have become subject to a sea of yard signs supporting a wide variety of candidates.

Karen Kocher and Donald Peters live in Paradise Township, York County and own an auto sales business. When not selling cars, the couple is proudly showing their support for their favorite presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

The couple owns three properties and uses a golf cart to get around, which they call the "Trumpmobile."

The couple placed a few small Donald Trump signs on their front of their property, but about three weeks ago the signs were stolen.

"We weren't sure whether they were anti-Trump or we thought maybe there were some people that didn't know how to get the signs," Kocher said.

Kocher and Peters didn't let a couple thieves stop them from showing their support. So they built a big blue, wooden fortress with Donald Trump signs secured on each side and the words "You can steal our signs but you can't steal our votes" painted on it.

"Hey, you know, we're just protecting our freedom of speech," Peters said.

But even this massive structure couldn't keep the crooks away.

The massive display has since been repaired and received some upgrades, including a built-in alarm.

Tap either side of the display and an alarm will go off and notify the couple.

The couple has also added a security camera and even a booby trap, which is basically a string with a few cowbells attached.

"It's wired. If they decide to try and pull this, it'll shake and we will also hear that," Kocher said.

But it doesn't stop there.

If anyone tries to climb up the hill onto their property they'll trigger a silent alarm, immediately notifying the couple. This is being dubbed "the invisible wall."

When asked what they would do if someone messes with the upgraded display, Kocher says "I have a spotlight that's going to blind them."

But, Peters has a different approach.

"I would just hold my hand over their mouth and I would speak about Trump to them," Peters said.

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