Congressman Costello hosts townhall, addresses healthcare, taxes, education and Trump


Healthcare, taxes, education, and veteran's affairs: those were just some of the big discussions Thursday night in Lebanon at a town hall hosted by Congressman Ryan Costello.

But with the violence in Charlottesville still on many's mind, the Congressman's reaction to President Trump's statements was the first question asked.

"I've said that I take serious issue with the President's statement two days ago. That was a failure of leadership," Costello told us.

"He needs to stand by that and speak out more against things that are tweeted. I know in the past he said he doesn't want to do that, but he should be doing that," Womelsdorf resident Sally Trump said.

Along with Charlottesville, one of the biggest topics was healthcare, which was a big concern for protesters who gathered across the street.

"He is opposed to what we consider good health care and he opposed to fixing Obamacare. He wants to repeal it, so we are concerned that what the current congress is doing will hurt people here in Lebanon County," Chair of the Lebanon County Democratic Committee Lois Herr said.

But for residents like Pamela Hineman, who struggle to support many family members, she asked the Congressman what he can do to help job training, educations costs and minimum wage.

"If more jobs were just able to be sustained and paid enough, the minimum wage, then you could work at getting ahead or finding out which jobs you could get into or what you might be interested in," she said.

Connecting with constituents, even talking with them after the town hall, is why Congressman Costello says these events are crucial.

"People want to see their members of congress, their elected officials, out there taking their questions and if folks are frustrated they need to be able to voice their frustration," Costello said.

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