Community split over K9 program


    A heated meeting in McSherrystown Borough where residents were pleading with the council to keep their K-9 program.

    The borough says they can’t afford the K9 officer but residents say they’ll find a way to pay for him and think the costs are worth it

    K9 Ozi has worked in McSherrystown for five years.

    Tonight council members told residents they aren't sure they can afford him adding he's already cost them 43-thousand-dollars.

    Councilman Steve Pasco said "We’re a very small borough, We don’t have growth the only place we can gain more money is if we raise taxes and that’s the last thing we want to do."

    But Tony Weaver, the Mayor says costs aren't an issue and he's not sure what the issue is here.

    "There’s fraternal organizations that have given over $50,000 dollars plus we just got 22k from the department of homeland security" he added.

    More than 30 residents packed the council room to show their support.

    They wanted the borough to know Ozi is important to them and even more to their kids.

    Danielle Smith a resident added "They know and understand what Ozi can do and they’re less likely to test those boundaries as they get older so it’s really helping our kids learn."

    Council members want to do more research to find out how much the dog will continue to cost, but as far as the mayor is concerned he said "I will not sign an order to get rid of the dog I won’t do that."

    Council members say they’ll take the next month to do research and get their thoughts together.. they’ve tabled the issue until at least their next meeting.

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