Community gathers in large numbers to remember murder suicide victims


    A community came together Wednesday night to remember the victims of a murder suicide in the borough of Middletown.

    The youngest victim was just seven years old.

    The vigil was held outside the building on union street where the incident happened.

    Despite the bitter cold, dozens of people came out to pay their respects to everyone involved.

    One by one members of the Middletown community left their love at the footsteps of a tragedy.

    "I came out tonight to pay my respects to a young child who was innocent and to his mother," Nicole Balsbaugh explained. She became emotional talking about the seven-year-old boy.

    "He smiled, he's always play with my sons, they'd run around, he was respectful," she said.

    "he was a really nice kid," Balsbaugh's son said. "he had manors. He always wanted to play with us."

    Co-workers of the female victim also attended the vigil in strong numbers.

    "she was a very sweet lady," Christine Buffington, said. "she worked hard. We appreciated everything she did."

    It was Saturday when police discovered three bodies inside this apartment building. They say 49-year-old Marvin Caddell shot Nightflower Staats, his wife, and 7-year old son before turning the gun on himself.

    "I just came out in honor of the boy that got killed here. I think it's a shame that he died. He had his whole life to live and hasn't lived it," Tina Shoppe, an area resident, explained.

    The owner of the building, George Crist, took it upon himself to organize the vigil, serving hot cocoa and chili to attendees.

    "I thought it was important for people to start processing this. Not by themselves, but as a community because that's what we are," Crist explained.

    He knew them as a family, many did. Many said it's not always easy to tell what's happening behind closed doors.

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