Clucks for bucks: Perry Co. couple in business of renting chickens

    CBS 21

    Renting a chicken is a reality for those who may have fears of commitment but want farm fresh eggs.

    Kaoyla Witmer and her husband, Chris, of Liverpool began working for in 2013.

    "People want to have chickens, but they don't want to have raise peeps," Kaoyla said. "We do that ahead of time and when we bring you the hen, we guarantee it's laying."

    The Witmer's provide two hens, 50 pounds of feed for the season, a food and water bowl for the birds and a custom-made chicken coop for clients to place in their backyard. The package costs $400.00 for six months and afterwards, those who rent have the opportunity to buy the chickens to keep.

    Kaoyla recommends the chickens be feed and watered daily. She suggests a daily roam period where the renter supervises the bird to make sure it doesn't wander away, but gets it out of the cage.

    However, if doing it all becomes too much or the person renting no longer wants a chicken, the Witmer's will take them back. is a nationwide company offering local "homesteads" for its customers. The Witmer's serve central Pennsylvania and have even traveled as far as New York for a delivery.

    "It's just getting the experience of raising an animal and having that food source right in your backyard and putting it right on your table for your family," Kaoyla said.

    According to Kaoyla, each chicken lays an egg daily and the birds are relatively quiet.

    To rent a chicken and for more information, the Witmer family can be reached through

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