Local high school basketball teams put rivalry aside to honor fallen US Marshal


It all started with a tribute and then a chant to honor fallen York County Deputy U.S. Marshal Christopher Hill at the Northeastern-Dallastown Varsity Basketball game Friday night.

“I can only imagine how awful this must be and I think that all the support from the community is helpful but at the end of the day there’s only so much we can do,” Northeastern Senior Jason Cardone said.

But the Bobcat student section leader knew he could do more to honor the slain hero.

“We were going to do neon or something, but we said forget all that, we’re going to do a blue out because of how deeply this is impacted the community,” Cardone said.

Both of Deputy Marshal Hill’s children go to schools in the Northeastern School District and when students got wind of that, they sent a simple tweet to the Dallastown student section, which turned into a “blue out.”

“One simple direct message and they said it shouldn’t be a problem for you, your school color is already blue,” Dallastown Senior Jason Bixler said.

“Tonight is more than just a game ,almost, it’s kind of just here to share together that and help those families that have lost more than that,” Dallastown Senior Nick Parker said.

“People are asking how do you feel about wearing Dallastown colors. This is deeper than basketball, so it’s not even about that,” Cardone said.

Northeastern Superintendent Stacey Sidle says she’s incredibly proud of both student sections coming together and says they’re prepared to help the Hill family with whatever they need.

“Unfortunately this is the second family at Northeastern that’s been affected, that have families in law-enforcement, that have lost a parent this year. So for us this is the second time and it’s heartbreaking and devastating,” Sidle said.

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