Central PA to host automated vehicle testing


Several central Pennsylvania counties are cleared to host automated vehicle testing.

PennDOT has given the green light for this testing and laid out rules to keep people safe on the road.

The automated vehicles will have at least one person inside during the test.

Carnegie Mellon University will be doing the testing. It’s a school PennDOT considers the birthplace of self-driving vehicles.

Lancaster County is one of the areas where automated vehicles can be tested. County leaders are working with PennDOT to address certain safety concerns.

“I think the important point for us is safety considerations to make sure it’s to be done in a safe way and that they understand special challenges we have here in Lancaster County like Amish buggies,” said Josh Parsons, Lancaster County Commissioner.

Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin and York Counties are also approved to host automated vehicle testing.

At this point it’s not clear when the testing will begin.

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