Central Pa. schools prepare for national school walkout


Schools in Central PA are preparing for the National School Walk Out Wednesday.

Michael Smith, a student at Carlisle High School, told CBS 21, “If we want things to change we need to start somewhere.”

The walk out is both a form of activism and a memorial for the 17 people killed in the Florida school shooting in February.

Smith says in Carlisle students will walk out of school for 17 minutes to talk about gun control and have a memorial service.

“We've seen a nationwide movement of students speaking up and we think its really important for us to be a part of that,” said Smith.

In Hershey they’re sending their message from inside the building.

Spokesman for Derry Township Schools, Dan Tredinnick, said, “Their plan is to walk out of classrooms and form a link of arms to demonstrate their unity and solidarity with students across the country.”

Some schools and districts like Dover, Waynesboro, and West Shore are telling students to stay inside and walk to the auditorium instead, citing operational safety issues.

Derry Township, however, says their students want to stay inside and they’re letting them take the lead on the event.

“Its a student led initiative rather than adults going to kids and saying heres what we think you ought to do theyve come to us and said they want to do something,” said Tredinnick.

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