Caught on camera: Truck helps rescue stranded driver in Schuylkill Co.

tow truck rescue.JPG

It was a Chevy to the rescue in Schuylkill County Monday morning, as the truck waded through four feet of water in Pine Grove to pluck a trapped motorist to safety.

Putting his life, and $80,000 truck on the line, Tucker Fisher had no hesitation.

With a tow truck driver stranded, and the fear of the Swatara Creek rising, he jumped into action.

He stayed on the ground long enough to get the driver to dry ground. Unfortunately, there's not much dry ground across certain portions of Schuylkill County lately.

It's becoming an all too familiar sight for people in Pine Grove. It’s the second significant flooding in some two weeks, which is a big deal, since residents hadn’t seen water like this since 2011.

And it’s deja vu along Route 625. The Swatara Creek flooding its banks. Pine Grove borough declaring a state of emergency with nearly a dozen towns in Schuylkill County under evacuations.

"We are hoping this doesn’t get any worse, because it’s not looking good," said Fischer.

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