Casket driven through Harrisburg to remind drivers to move over and slow down


It was a call for safety and remembrance on Wednesday for first responders and Harrisburg based H&S Towing Service workers.

They gathered together at Soldier's Field in Harrisburg to bring attention to the dangers tow truck drivers and first responders face on the side of highways.

A casket was there to honor those who lost their lives on road sides and to remind people to move over and slow down.

"If possible you need to move to the adjacent traffic lane, if there's one available," explains PSP Trooper James Spender. "If it's not possible or safe to do so, you need to slow down."

"A lot of times there's a disabled vehicle so we don't have a lot of room to work," said Robert Wohlmaker. "So, it's important that people take that extra second just to move over and maybe slow down a little bit, and give us our space."

If you do not move over for emergency vehicles you can get hit with a $250 fine and two month suspension on your license. If you accidentally kill someone on the side of the highway, you will be fined $10,000.

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