Carlisle students get hands-on EMT and firefighter training

Carlisle students get hands-on EMT and firefighter training

Thanks to a new program in the Carlisle Area School District high school students are getting hands-on emergency services training.

Seniors who are interested in any type of emergency service career are able to take a class where they get to train and learn from EMT's and firefighters in their community.

The program, put on by the Carlisle Fire Department, allows them to see what it will be like responding to emergencies in the field.

After the first several weeks of the program, the students put their skills to use by simulating a response to a fire using real ladders, hoses and fire trucks on Friday.

One student says taking this class seals the deal on what she wants to be and do when she graduates.

"I personally never really thought about becoming a firefighter but after doing this I fell in love with it so I plan to continue after this program is over with my MODS and stuff and beginning my firefighter 1 and the rest of us will be taking the EMT through HACC this spring and we’ll all be graduating as certified EMT’s," said student Chelsea Sledzinski.

If the program generates interest they're hoping to continue it in the semesters to come.

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