Camp Hill murder-suicide investigation


"We didn't have a premises history at the house with problems," said Mark Green, East Pennsboro Police Chief.

This was the case prior to yesterday's tragedy. Judging by the outside of the home you would never know what was brewing inside.

"Just trying to find figure out why it occurred," said Green.

The DA says there were more problems in the home. He says Sue Grundon didn't file a report because she didn't want her husband to lose his job.

"There is thought process of its not that bad, and I don't want to ruin our income, well unfortunately both of them paid the ultimate price," said M. L. Ebert, Jr., Cumberland Co DA.

On Sunday around five in the evening police got the call of shots fired in a quiet neighborhood along Country Club road.

"There were four bullet holes into the vehicle through the glass," said Green.

Police tell me that a witness saw the last gunshots fired at Sue Grundon as she was trying to pull away. Moments later James Grundon left his wife and went into the backyard to take his own life.

"Approximately a minute or so later there was the shot in the backyard and you hear that shot and they remained on scene attempting to help the victim," said Green.

Chief Green thanks the woman, a passer by who goes nameless who tried to save Sue Grundon after being shot.

"She went up and attempted to render aid to the victim even though there was a shooter right there," said Green.

Sue Grundon rushed to Holy Spirit Hospital where she was pronounced dead. Chief Green reminding us that even though James Grundon was known in the community, at times working as a firefighter.

"Unfortunately domestic violence and domestic incidents cross all walks of life, it's not something in poor communities, it's all over the spectrum," said Green.

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