Break in Lancaster County cold case offers hope for families


    There’s two questions that stick out in Phil Biechler’s mind.

    “I would really like to know who did it and why they did it," he said.

    His wife’s murder case is now 42 years cold.

    Nineteen-year old Lindy Sue Biechler was murdered in their Millersville apartment in December of 1975.

    Reports state she was stabbed and fought back against her killer.

    “It’s hard to comprehend. The love your life being taken away like that brutally," he said.

    A break in another Lancaster County cold case less than a month ago is giving him hope.

    In June, the Lancaster County District Attorney’s office announced that genetic genealogy, a new technology, helped crack the Christy Mirack murder case.

    “A number of people approached me and said that I should see about it or inquire about it but I don’t know I’ve sort of been a little hesitant about it," Biechler said.

    He said he's hesitant because of what would happen if her case is reopened.

    “For 40 years I’ve sort of had my ups and downs with this, so I didn’t know if I wanted to go through that all over again" he said.

    When it comes to DNA collected at the scene, crucial to this type of technology, Biechler says he’s not sure if there’s enough like there was in the Mirack case.

    “I don’t know how much DNA they have or if it’s usable, but I would hope that the police and the district attorney would use whatever procedures that he can’t solve this," Biechler said.

    The Lancaster County District Attorney’s office said in an email that they are reviewing all outstanding cases and assessing whether this technology could benefit.

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