Before the Bell: STEAM pushes kids towards interest in science

STEAM pushes kids towards interest in science

STEAM education is all the rage right now. Science, technology, engineering, arts and math. Simple experiments can get those kids ready for school as the first day quickly approaches.

We spent a few hours this morning with Kurt Amen from Commonwealth Charter Academy who gave us a few simple experiments to peak your kids interest in science.

One experiment is called elephant’s toothpaste.

“It's not real elephant’s toothpaste but what we have here are some ingredients. We have hydrogen peroxide to start. We have typical dish soap. We have active dry yeast. And we have a little bit of water to mix the yeast,” Amen said.

What are we learning as we get this going?

“We are creating an exothermic reaction. It's a chemical reaction that releases heat,” said Amen. “The final component is the yeast. To activate it, you pour the yeast into water, stir it around a little bit. This is the final agent,” he said.

This is a good opportunity to get the kids thinking about school with some fun science experiments that explode.

This a really cool opportunity with things that you have at home but gives kids the opportunity to think about school and getting them in the mindset with school only being a few days away.

For a full list of four experiments recommended by Commonwealth Charter Academy, click here.

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