Beating the winter blues with exercise

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It's that time of year where the mornings are cold and all you want to do is stay wrapped up in that blanket. But, it takes a good amount of discipline to beat the winter blues.

CBS 21 News went to the Friendship Center in Dauphin County and talked with a personal trainer about different ways to eat healthy and exercise smartly during The holiday season and into the winter months. Alex Papadopoulos, a trainer, says to remember that this is a holiday and not a 'holimonth.' Enjoy the day with family and friends but don't go crazy because one week of de-training can negate 10 weeks of hard work.

Second, doing anything is better than doing nothing. So, depending on your base level of fitness, you should think about your exercise regiment and try to sustain it through the winter.

When it comes to eating, Alex says give yourself a little leeway. She likes to abide by the 80\20 method of 80% clean eating and 20% junk food. Often times, if you can plan ahead and know there is a party where you would like to enjoy yourself, save up the calories and think smartly about what you were eating during the week.

Finally, after the holidays are through and those resolutions are on the plate, make them reasonable and attainable goals. Many people start with unattainable goals and often times get frustrated and stop before seeing the positive result.

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