Barletta on Senate bid, loss: Tough to overcome Casey name recognition, campaign spending

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    Republican Congressman Lou Barletta has conceded the race for the US Senate to incumbent US Senator Bob Casey.

    CBS21's Brian Sheehan was in Hazleton at the Congressman's election headquarters. He says this is obviously not the outcome the Congressman had hoped for. US Senator Bob Casey is now getting a third term while Barletta's political future remains unknown.

    For the past several months, many polls had Barletta trailing Casey by double digits.

    Congressman Barletta spoke to Brian Sheehan about the factors he believed played into his loss, saying he was unable to secure the seat despite a cross-state tour and endorsements from President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

    "The opposite part usually takes it, it's a little harder for them. And name recognition. Building up my name in the Western part of the state and running against a very, very famous political name here in Pennsylvania who had a lot of money. It was tough to do, tough to overcome," he said.

    As for what's next? Barletta is not ruling out a return to politics. But he says he plans to spend the foreseeable future with his family. When asked what he would do if President Trump called and asked for him to play a role in his administration? He reiterated his main focus is his family.

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