Bailout bill proposed for Three Mile Island nuclear plant


    A 981-million dollar bailout will be proposed next week to keep Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant afloat.

    Republican representatives want to amend Pennsylvania’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard by adding nuclear energy to the plan. Energy providers will have to buy a certain percentage of nuclear which would lead high utility bills for you the consumer.

    The proposal would bail out two nuclear energy plants. One of those is Exelon’s Three Mile Island.

    Not everyone is on board with the proposal and its’ hefty price tag.

    “We are talking almost a billion dollar nuclear bailout and basically it is a tax on consumers. It is going to force energy prices to be higher”, said Commonwealth of Pennsylvania CEO Nathan Benefield.

    Some residents in Middletown where the plant is located are also worried about increases in their electric bill.

    “It is a lot of money for us to spend. If it is going bankrupt and the government has to bail it out then I don’t think our tax dollars should be utilized in that capacity”, said Middletown resident.

    However other Middletown residents feel the investment in nuclear energy is worth the cost, including Michael Williams who worked at TMI back when the accident happened in 1979.

    “It makes sense to have a wider distribution of power sources we can get our energy from. We do not want it from one place. It is not a bailout. It is a support”, said Former TMI employee Michael Williams.

    “Well it is better that it is operational from the point of view of maintenance. If they close it it could be neglected and dangerous so I would rather see it open”, said Middletown resident Bill Deckman.

    We reached out to TMI about the proposal. They said they could not comment on the proposal until the final draft was out but they added that the loss of these plants would cost the Commonwealth 4.6 billion dollars a year.

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