Pennsylvania professors agree to contract, end strike

State university strike

(AP) -- The union representing striking professors at 14 Pennsylvania state universities says it has reached a tentative contract agreement and is ending its walkout, now in a third day.

The strike had disrupted classes for over 100,000 students.

Professors walked off the job Wednesday after the union turned down what the university said was its last contract offer.

Union spokeswoman Kathryn Morton said Friday it had made concessions on salary and benefits in return for the university system withdrawing proposed contract changes faculty had opposed.

According to PASSHE, the organization is still trying to finalize the language of the contract before sending it to APSCUF for a ratification vote. The tentative contract would run through June 30, 2018.

“We are pleased to get to this point and look forward to the conclusion of the process,” said Board Chair Cynthia D. Shapira. “Once again, everyone can focus on what matters most—teaching and learning.”

Details of the agreement still need to be approve, according to PASSHE.

“Today is an opportunity for a fresh start,” said State System Chancellor Frank T. Brogan. “Throughout this process, our students have been remarkably patient, and they should be applauded. Now, we look forward to making sure the rest of the year ends strong for them and for our talented faculty.”

“We are extremely grateful to Governor Wolf for his outstanding leadership in helping us achieve a successful resolution to these long and difficult negotiations,” Mr. Brogan added.

It was the first strike in the system's 34-year history.

Governor Wolf also acknowledged the agreement and says he is proud of both groups for coming together to end the strike.

Students and teachers will be back to school on Monday.

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