Americans remember George HW Bush in DC


A time of tribute. Thousands lining the DC streets to honor George HW Bush.

We were in Washington, DC with so many who found it important to pay a final farewell.

Mourners file out of the National Cathedral all paying tribute to our 41st president. Despite the barricades that divide many it was important for people to show respect to a man that gave so much to his country.

Luke Ellis a DC resident said ”We are lucky that we live in this area otherwise we probably wouldn’t go out and see it.”

Ellis is braving the cold bringing his 10-year-old boys to the National Cathedral. Despite his Australian ties he wants them to witness American history.

The Ellis family are among thousands who lining the DC streets to pay tribute to the 94-year-old. His life and legacy, a model to so many not because of his position of power, but because of series of service.

Tamara Buchanan another DC resident said ”I just thought it was important for me to come out and pay tribute. It is a National Day of Mourning.”

One of the greatest attributes of our 41st president many believe was the art of diplomacy. A feeling around the grounds that much of that is lost in today’s political landscape.

In a city where the streets are divided by political power it’s a time to remember a true American hero.

The congestion and grid lock from these remembrances will soon be cleared and DC will return to normal, but many here will go home knowing they were part of history.

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