After 17 Years, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Retires

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It took Dale Earnhardt Junior 14 years to get to victory lane at Pocono Raceway. In 2014 he swept both races. He going to miss the challenge of the Tricky Triangle.

Dale : "You know the shifting and the uniqueness of each corner it creates opportunities to make runs and passes. You don't really seem to get lulled to sleep like you do at some other bigger tracks so this place there is so much to be doing and so much work happening inside the car every lap that it keeps you busy and it's fun."

What's also been fun for junior has been the interaction with his fans. He's been voted the most popular driver over 12 times and he will be missed.

Cody: "Because that's the only driver that I have grown up watching Dale."

Roger: "Kind of sad in itself. You don't get to see him too much anymore."

Hopefully, the fans will see him back in victory this Sunday. The 88 car needs a win in the next 6 races to qualify for the chase and there are two tracks he thinks he can get that done:

Dale: "We will go to all of these tracks with a great positive attitude and see how it works out for us. Here and Michigan are probably the ones at the top of the list."

So, what's next for Dale Earnhardt Junior after he leaves the driver seats? Well, he going to take on some new adventures including heading upstairs in the broadcast booth.

Dale: "Anxiety is coming down a little bit and the excitement level is rising a little bit. As it gets a little more clearer as to what I am going to be doing. Cause when you make such a big change in your life there is a lot of unknowns and you're a little nervous and scared at first all of that is starting to clear up as we get closer and closer to the next year."

Dale Earnhardt Junior and the rest of the Monster Energy series drivers will qualify at the racetrack tomorrow morning.

The Overton's 400 goes green flag at 3pm.

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