Abortion ban bill one step closer the Governor


A bill that would outlaw abortions because the fetus might have Down Syndrome is getting closer to the Governor's desk.

House Bill 2050 passed the Senate Judiciary Committee with vote 10 to 5.

The bill is sponsored by Speaker of the House Mike Turzai.

He says that there should be protection for babies that are diagnosed with down syndrome.

Representative Turzai believes that bill 2050 is similar to PA law that a baby can't be aborted because of gender.

People who oppose this bill say the bill would violate a woman's right to choose and make her own decision.

Turzai has faith that this bill will pass the Senate and is veto proof if it heads to Governor Tom Wolf.

"We know that we can override his veto in the House. I think the bill could be over ridden in the Senate as well. There are many members in the Senate, Republican and Democrat who support this bill and want to see it go to the governor's desk."

The bill still has to pass on the Senate floor before making it to Governor Wolf.

In the House, the bill was passed 139 to 56 back in April.

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