A colorful memorial for beloved 12-year-old Tony Forte

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Pops of color could be seen throughout Clipper Magazine Stadium.

"He was all about a colorful life and that’s why we’re wearing our colors," Tony Forte's mother Monica Forte said.

Friends, family and even community members stopped by to say goodbye to the 12-year old Manheim Township native, Tony Forte, who passed away in February.

“We wouldn’t of missed it for the world absolutely. This is nothing, we would’ve crossed further if we had to to be here with the Forte family," said family friend Damaris Rodriguez.

But as tears flowed smiles formed, as those who knew Tony described his infectious personality.

“This kid had just had surgery and was recovering and he was running around having Nerf battles it was so much it was so much fun. It was great to be with him," Damaris said.

“He loved Indiana Jones and carried around his whip and his gun and I think that was pretty cool, especially for the boys. They really bonded with him," Laz Rodriguez said.

Tony's family said their fight does not stop today. They're urging everyone to check the box and become an organ donor and help save a life like Tony's.

“He was able to swim, he was able to play. We were able to take him to Disney without having him with a backpack on," Monica said.

“He was the best he ever looked for months and months when we were in Florida with him. He was able to eat and live his normal life and if that’s all we got from the transplant that’s enough," Tony's brother Vincent said.

While they've written letters to the family of the 12 year old boy whose organs Tony received, they have yet to meet them.

“I know tony and him are together, they finally got to meet," Monica said.

The family is hoping to open a campground in Florida for other transplant families to stay at while their child is in the hospital.

More information can be found on their Facebook page.


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