2nd pedestrian struck and killed in Lebanon

Second Lebanon Pedestrian Killed.PNG

Just over 24 hours after a fatal pedestrian accident in Lebanon, a second Lebanon man was killed after being hit by a car Monday night.

According to police, 31-year-old Carlos Nieves was walking in the northbound lane of S. 5th street when he was fatally struck by a passing vehicle. Police say that Nieves was hit by the vehicle of 35-year-old Michael Miller who was unable to see Nieves in the dark.

According to police, Nieves was wearing black clothing and was in an area with no lighting making it hard to see him.

This was the second fatal accident in Lebanon in just over 24 hours.

Another pedestrian was struck and killed on Sunday evening in Lebanon.

Ramesh Persaud, 24 of Lebanon, was walking in the eastbound lane of Evergreen Road when he was hit by a driver in that lane, according to police.

Police say that the driver did not see Persaud, who was wearing dark clothing when he was struck around 6 p.m.

Police are continuing to investigate both of these incident, neither driver has been charged.

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