The Great Thanksgiving Debate: Dressing vs. Stuffing


Some of the biggest debates in life are not over politics, but over the use of various terms to describe food.

Case in point, Thursday evening on CBS21 News, where Tom, Robb and Jasmine talked about dressing, or stuffing.

Dressing is something that goes on your salad.

At the Holiday Parade on Saturday, Robb's contention is that it is stuffing if it is cooked inside the bird and dressing if it's outside.

A graphic from butterball, the turkey folks, say it's more of a geographical thing as to what you call it.

Wikipedia says stuffing, dressing or even filling, all used interchangeably, is an edible substance or mixture used to fill a cavity in another food item while cooking.

It’s said to be an Eastern Pennsylvania thing, like soda vs. pop, beach vs. shore, bag vs. sack

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