Gnoza Knows It | Zembo Shrine back up for sale


In case you haven't heard the Zembo Mosque in uptown Harrisburg is up for sale again after the Arkansas firm that agreed to buy the facility backed out of the deal.

I talked with Zembo Potentate Richard H. Smith yesterday who also pointed out that the facility is once again taking rentals there. When the sale was agreed to they had stopped taking reservations for anything after the proposed date of the sale's completion, which was supposed to be June 30.

Smith told me that they've had a few folks come through the building to check it out but so far no new offers.

Smith also said the Zembo Shrine is committed to staying in Harrisburg and remaining a viable group. But financial concerns are still prompting them to sell the mosque.

Meanwhile, there is still no sale in the offing for the Old Bishop Mcdevitt High School.

I checked in yesterday with Sister Mary Anne Bednar. I left a message with her and the head of the charter school that had wanted to purchase the building. But I didn't hear back from either one.

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