Gnoza Knows It | Why is Duncan's Island in Dauphin County?


Sometimes you just never know what you're going to find in the Susquehanna River, or on its banks.

A nice lady named Diane sent in this video of a creature crawling on the banks of the river and thought Gnoza might know what this was. Gnoza had no clue.

But he emailed Kathy Burrows of Hershey Park.

She in turn asked Dale Snyder, the curator of ZooAmerica, who said it looks like a mink.

I had never seen a mink that was not deceased and laying around someone's neck. Well now I have.

A nice lady named Kelli asked what the island with all the gentleman's clubs right after the Clark's Ferry bridge heading northward on Route 22-322 is part of Dauphin County and not Perry County.

I asked two local historians, Patty Campbell and Kathy Fisher, and they were not sure. They said historians before them had wondered the same thing, since the island, called Duncan Island, is right off the shore of Perry County, yet it belongs to Dauphin County.

My best guess is that it was because Dauphin County was founded first, in 1785. That's 35 years before Perry County was drawn up by state lawmakers. For some reason, the lawmakers decided to include Duncan's Island with Dauphin County when Dauphin County was first drawn up.

Both Dauphin and Perry Counties were originally part of other counties. Dauphin was part of Lancaster and Perry was part of Cumberland.

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