Gnoza Knows It | Why aren't students being taught cursive anymore?


"School was different in many ways back in the day. I will address two such practices that have been fading away.

Things were much different when I went to school. The front doors were not locked, in fact I swear we incentivized transients to seek shelter in our hallways.

We had less cancellations and also used the old one-hour delay. Remember those fellow old-timers. Thanks to Joel D. for this question.

I asked Dr. Carol Johnson, the superintendent of central dauphin schools as to why no one uses the one hour delay anymore.

She said the one hour delay is generally fruitless because it buys us very little improvement in weather conditions.

A two–hour delay pushes the school opening past rush hour, so that is also helpful in that respect. That’s a good point. I lived in a rural district with no highways. And that was many moons ago.

Okay question number two, the old practice of writing in cursive. Many schools had gone away from that…and why???

Because students use the keyboard so much nowadays.

I actually learned cursive and cursing in third grade. And became very proficient at both.

Well over the last couple of years, several states have passed laws requiring the teaching of cursive writing.

Dr. Johnson says CD teaches cursive writing in grades 3, 4 and 5.

That makes sense to me. What if you want to take notes and don’t have a keyboard. Or if you have to read someone’s cursive?"

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