Gnoza Knows It | Why are there no pedestrian signs on Union Deposit overpass?


I have an update about the old senate plaza property in camp hill.

You may remember it was imploded last May and then work began to clear all that rubble. That was a lot of rubble.

Well yesterday I drove by to see what was going on and workers were very busy on the new construction that is set for that place.

It will be camp hill commons, with a number of shops.

A Starbucks is planned, along with a Sheetz.

It is supposed to be completed this year.

I also got a question from a man named Justin about an important safety question.

Justin asked about the new Union Deposit overpass on I-83. He noted that there are new sidewalks on the bridge, but there are no pedestrian signs right there.

So what gives??

I asked Greg Penny from PennDOT. He says the no pedestrian signs are there to discourage people from walking across traffic, *not* across the bridge.

You got me? You can walk on the sidewalks, but don't try to cross all those lanes of traffic. It's too busy.

I get it.

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