Gnoza Knows It | Who won the 1925 NFL Championship?


The Eagles are playing for the NFC title this Sunday. The Steelers made it to the play-offs this year but do you know who was the first Pennsylvania team to be an NFL champion briefly.

That would actually be the Pottsville Maroons of Pottsville Pennsylvania.

Yesterday I got these shots of where the maroons used to play. It was Minersville park--about 5,000 seats. It's now a strip mall off of Route 901.

The Maroons laid claim to the NFL championship of 1925, but there is a controversy that prevents the league from recognizing them as champs.

The Maroons that year beat the Chicago Cardinals to claim the best record in the league.

But then the maroons agreed to play the university of Notre dame in an exhibition game in Philadelphia.

They would have played in Pottsville, but they moved it to Shibe park in Philly to accommodate a larger crowd.

The league said that was a no-no because it was played on the home turf of the Frankford Yellow Jackets.

So the league suspended the maroons and awarded the championship to the Cardinals.

The league re-examined the case in 1963, but voted 12-2 to still recognize the Cardinals as the champs.

Art Rooney of the Steelers and George Halas of the bears were the only two owners to support Pottsville.

A couple of years later the maroons moved to Boston and then disbanded a year later.

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