Gnoza Knows It | Who scrapes the dead deer off the highway??


My good friend Lara Greenberg wanted to know if day time running lights would suffice in those construction zones where it says drivers must turn their lights on.

I asked PennDOT spokesman Greg Penny and he said yes, day time running lights would be enough

While I had Greg on the email, I asked him a burning question that I had:

Who scrapes the dead deer off the highway??

You have your questions, I have mine.

Several years ago I did a story about a nice lady who removed dead deer herself with a small hoist that was on the back of her pick-up truck. Greg said:

Each of our counties has the option to contract the removal work to a vendor, such as the woman you recall. However, only Lancaster County in our district contracts the deer removal with a vendor; our other counties prefer to do it themselves, usually designating one person to take care of it or a crew.

And an update to an earlier Gnoza Knows It.

Remember that handsome fella named Pat, who asked if you could get pinched for biking or boating under the influence.

Attorney Gary Lysaght told me yes you can.

Well, I got a follow up questions from a woman named Patty to Pat's original question. I'm not lying. Patty wanted to know if you get caught biking or boating while souced up, will those penalties apply to your driving record?

Attorney Gary Lysaght said, "Yes, the same penalties apply to a bike as if you were driving a car. The suspension would depend on your blood alcohol results, prior DUI history, any accident, or children in vehicle."

Gary said that the funny thins is that you could still legally ride your bike since there is no license required to ride a bicycle.

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