Gnoza Knows It | Who put the Statue of Liberty in the Susquehanna River?


A young lady asked me about the Statue of Liberty... not the one in New York City, the one on the Susquehanna River off the coast of Dauphin Borough.

I've often wondered myself, why is that there?

Everyone loved it. It kind of put Dauphin on the map.

Kathy Fisher of the Dauphin-Middle Paxton Historical Society is talking about the Statue of Liberty that is standing proudly in the Susquehanna River.

You can see it from Routes 322/22 in Dauphin or from the Perry County side along Routes 11 & 15.

It started with a political activist, our old buddy Gene Stilp, who wanted to honor the 100th anniversary of the original Statue of Liberty. He put up a statue made of Venetian blinds back in 1986.

“It was put up during the night time. And when it was put up it was dangerous putting up. It was dangerous getting out into the river.”

The pillars are from an old railroad bridge that stretched across the river. But the Venetian blind statue soon blew over. So Stilp solicited donations and had a more durable one made. That one was put up in 1992.

And it has stood proudly ever since.

“When you go down the Susquehanna River we always are looking at the statue. We never tire of that view. Especially when you’re coming up the river in the evening with the sunset there in the west. You can see the statue. It’s just beautiful.”

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