Gnoza Knows It | Which bar is the oldest on Second Street in Harrisburg?


What bar down on Second Street in Harrisburg has been in existence the longest?

Ah yes, a very tough question with the changing landscape along Restaurant Row.

But Gnoza thinks he knows the answer.

(A quick disclaimer: some of you might say 'Hey, that's not a bar. It's a tavern.' I thought it was a restaurant. Think of them as night spots and they all have bars.)

If you were a lounge lizard like I was back in, say 2004, then left the area you might not recognize Second Street now.

A lot of the restaurants are still around and going strong, like Stocks, Cafe Fresco and of course Donnie Brown's Firehouse.

And Sandwhich Man is still there.

But a lot of the bars have come and gone.

Remember Kokomo's? That building is now vacant.

The Old Quarter is now Bridge's Social Club. Ceolta's is now the Capital Gastro Pub.

I remember the Burger Yum as Mars Nightclub. There was Fisaga's which is now Arooga's.

Plus Dragon Fly and the Old Hardware Bar, which have now turned into the Federal Tap House and Susquehanna Ale House.

But getting back to the question of which bar has been around the longest...I thought it may be Bourbon Street Saloon or maybe McGrath's, owned for years by Tom Scott.

But there is one clear winner.

No bar has been around longer than Zembie's.

No flash, no flare, no gimmicks. Just food, alcohol and TV's.

Now this is open to discussion. If I am wrong, please let me know. I will confess that Gnoza doesn't know everything.

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