Gnoza Knows It | Where does all the old CBS21 footage live?


One thing I really like to do is take advantage of our extensive tape library here at CBS21.

So as part of Gnoza Knows It, if you have any past event you are wondering about, you can ask me and I can get our film guru Frank Treese on the case.

Frank spends a lot of time up here, some of it actually doing work related tasks.

In fact, he found some old footage of Hall Mansion in Cumberland County, which I already told you about.

The building caught fire in 1995, the owner ran into some problems with the law as well. A local broker is trying to sell the property, I reached out to them but got no response.

While I was at Jubilee Day I met some nice people from Norfolk Southern who wanted me to make sure you all know something.

They say way too many people are spending time on train tracks. That's why they've installed signs on the tracks warning people that it is trespassing to be on them.

They said some folks even take pictures on the tracks.

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