Gnoza Knows It | When was the largest March snowfall in Harrisburg history?


I got a question from a friend of mine on Facebook, named Todd. He asks why bus drivers from CAT can't pull off to the side of the road when pick up or dropping off passengers.

He says he gets behind the bus on Derry Street every morning and it takes him 30 minutes to go 35 blocks.

Todd is very frustrated.

So I emailed Bob Philbin, the Director of Public Information and Customer Experience with Capital Area Transit about why drivers may not pull over to the side of the road when loading or unloading.

Bob says it depends on the circumstances. If there is room, then the driver will do so. But he says because of street parking in the city it is difficult.

I don't want to alienate any CAT drivers if they are fans, so I will ask nicely on Todd's behalf, if you can pull over, please do so. Just asking nicely. Love you guys and girls.

Talking about snow in March. There was the possibility of getting some yesterday. Didn't happen. But this can be a snowy month.

So here's the question, what is the biggest march snowfall that has ever been recorded in Harrisburg?

Some might guess last year's 17 inches, but you would be incorrect.

The correct answer would be 20.3 inches in 1993.

That was a blizzard. On a Saturday. Not that much fun.

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