Gnoza Knows It | What to do with old electronics


"I recently put out the call for questions on Facebook for Gnoza Knows It.

I will try to do them all very soon.

One of the questions I got was from a gentleman named Steve about what to do with his old TV and appliances.

Unfortunately, it's not like the old days when you could just leave it out for the trash.

Steve lives in Dauphin County, so for him he can take it to the county recycling center on 1625 South Cameron Street in Harrisburg on any weekday between 8:30 am and 4:3 pm.

They accept most things free of charge, which is cool.

No out of county items will be accepted.

That is pretty much the same deal for York Countians.

Their recycling center is open for appliances at 2700 Blackbridge road in York six days a week.

That's a freebie as well to county residents only.

Now if you are like me and are a Cumberland County resident wondering what to do with this old monster TV set, you may take your appliances to the recycling center at Claremont road in Carlisle.

But it is only open three days a week -and-you must pay $.50 a pound for your item.

I'm thinking this old boob tube will set me back about $25 to $40.

Which is why it is still sitting in my garage.

Some businesses will accept your stuff. Some of it for free.

Best buy will take small tech stuff, but charge for other items, like TV’s

PPL will take your fridge and give you a couple bucks for it, if it works."

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