Gnoza Knows It | What is that tower off of I-81 and Route 114?


I get a fair amount of questions "Hey genius, what is that such and such thing or building sitting at such and such place?" or "what happened to such and such and where was it?"

Such is what we have today.

A young man asked me what that tower was at the intersection of Interstate 81 and Route 114 outside of Mechanicsburg.

It's a tower that's part of the old Hall Mansion. I found the realtor who is handling the property.

They weren't able to say much, the listing price is just under $800,000.

I found a story by PennLive that says a former local businessman John Hall built the mansion and included the observation tower.

Hall was forced to sell the property after declaring bankruptcy. He then went to prison for bankruptcy fraud. The building caught fire and was partially burned in 1995.

Another question, "hey Al, didn't you do a story on the old Silver Spring Speedway? Whatever happened to it?"

Yes, my friend, I did do a story on it over a year ago.

The race track is gone. It has been replaced by Wegmans and that big retail complex off the Carlisle Pike.

Former owner Allen Kreitzer told me that development began to encroach upon the Speedway and Kreitzer knew it was time for a change.

That change was the sale of the property. Silver Spring Speedway announced it would not open for the start of the 2006 racing season, and the complex, including the flea market and trailer park, was soon demolished.

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