Gnoza Knows It | What happened to the money raised for the Walnut Street Bridge?


A couple of weeks ago I did a story about if and/or when the remaining part of the walnut street bridge in Harrisburg would be replaced. My answer was that it didn’t sound like that would happen any time soon. Well I got another question, what happened to the money that was raised to help pay for repairs.

In case you didn’t know, the walnut street bridge is that old metal thing that goes from Harrisburg to city island and then part of the way to the west shore. That missing part was swept away in 1996. A group known as the people’s bridge coalition started raising money, and according to a story in the patriot news back in 2008, the group had raised about a million bucks—part of it from selling pieces of the bridge. A million bucks is good, but it was well short of the $12 to $15 million needed to actually replace the missing part.

I called one of the members of the coalition and she indicated the group had basically disbanded. But she was not sure what happened with the money that was raised.

This is one of the pieces that a nice lady named Mary Ward had purchased from the coalition.

Harrisburg city engineer Wayne Martin said there are also pieces of the bridge stored in city hall and at the national museum of industrial history in Bethlehem.

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