Gnoza Knows It | What are the most common recyclables at Tri-State Scrap?


Last week I talked about recycling and used information from Tri-State Scrap. For my video I stopped by and took a quick shot of the front of the business without really showing much of what was really going on.

So the nice folks at Tri-State invited me in for a closer look.

Special thanks to our old friend Sara Small for going with me and shooting this.

Tri State has recently expanded and gotten some new equipment. They process the recyclables on-site.

I asked the folks their what they get the most of and i also talked with one of their longest tenured customer.

"Steel and aluminum are the most that we get. Probably two tons of cans a day and 100 tons of steel a day," says Paul Friedline from Tri-State Scrap.

"I get a lot of customers, warehouses, gas stations, laundromats, garages. Pick up all their junk and bring it here,” says leonard james smith from steelton.

I didn't know this but cardboard is a big recycling item, especially from businesses. Paul Friedline says the market for cardboard fluctuates more than other that for other materials.

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