Gnoza Knows It | Walnut Street bridge replacement


"A buddy of mine named Royce wants to know if the missing part of the Walnut Street bridge will ever be replaced?

The missing part of the bridge was washed away by flooding in January of 1996.

I first had to track down who owns the bridge. My first guess was New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. But that was incorrect. It is actually PennDOT.

So I emailed Greg penny of PennDOT and he gave me the skinny. Greg knows where the bones are buried. in short, he says there are no plans to repair or replace the missing spans.

He says shortly after the bridge was destroyed, PennDOT explored the possibility of replacing it with a new bridge, but the cost was steep, about $17 million at that time. Greg says they also had a hard time justifying spending that amount of transportation dollars on a pedestrian bridge when so many other bridges were in need of repair or replacement.

Over the years, the people's bridge coalition has sought to build support for fixing or replacing the bridge and tie it to economic development on the west shore. they've tried to attract economic development funds, transportation enhancement funds and federal grants. but their efforts have not been successful.

So Royce, it doesn't sound good."

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