Gnoza Knows It | Final Walnut St. Bridge update


Okay, just one more update on the walnut street bridge. I promise. A couple of weeks ago I raised the question of what happened to the money that was raised to replace the missing span of the bridge.

I found out what happened.

I talked with David Morrison, who is the executive director of the historic Harrisburg association.

They had partnered with the people’s bride coalition, which was spearheading the replacement effort. The coalition reportedly raised about a million bucks. Morrison didn't think it was that much but he says when it became apparent the project wasn't going to happen, the money was used to do upgrades on the plazas at each end of the bridge.

Morrison said the money they raised was never going to be enough to do the repairs. They needed PennDOT to make the work happen. The intent of raising the money to begin with was to use it for advocacy and litigation. The coalition meanwhile became inactive.

Morrison is not optimistic that anything will happen with the bridge any time soon, but he says you can never say never. He says the attitude on has evolved and there is more of a focus on non-vehicular bridges.

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