Gnoza Knows It | The results are in: how many people use Yellow Pages?


"A follow up to the story I did Thursday on whether phone books are still used by folks.

I put the question on Facebook and got an overwhelming response. Well over 600 people commented on the issue.

88% of those who commented say they do -not- use the printed phonebooks. 12 percent said they do.

Many of the folks were annoyed the phone book being dumped on their property to begin with.

I emailed the people that put out the yellow pages, Dex Media. They say that an estimated 35% to 40% use them nationally and that Dex feels the printed books still have value for certain consumers and businesses.

They also say they use a model that considers demographic data usage to determine which consumers are targeted for delivery. I'm assuming that includes old farts like myself. Just guessing there.

Paige Blankenship from Dex, who was very nice, says not everyone shows up in google search results all the time.

She also mentioned a good stat, 56% of small businesses have not claimed their google my business profile and up to 80% have not claimed their profiles on Yelp, Bing, Yahoo or BBB.

And that 71% of print yellow page shoppers contact a business with 84% making or intending to make a purchase.

I asked Paige if people can opt out. She says they can. You have to go to the yellow pages 'opt out' page, which ironically enough is"

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