Gnoza Knows It | The other side of the opioid epidemic


"It's just a wide-spread pain from morning til night."

Rose Michels, of Harrisburg, suffers from Lupus, a disease that affects the immune system.

It's a chronic condition that she's been dealing with for nearly 13 years.

She is being prescribed opioids to help her deal with the pain.

"I never do a high enough dosage that I'm completely out of pain but I'm always conscious to just be functional from day to day."

Michels has noticed an increase in steps she must take to get the medication. More forms to fill out, a psychological evaluation, drug testing to make sure she's not doing other drugs and she's paying more.

"Just within the past two years one of my pain medications has doubled. I don't know from one month to the next how much I will be paying for pain medication."

Michels agrees there is an opioid problem and that something needs to be done. But she wants to make sure both sides of the issue are being heard. She doesn't think that is happening right now.

"If they don't hear both sides of the story, they're only going to attack it from one side. And that's going to greatly affect the other side, which is the one that I am unfortunately on right now."

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