Gnoza Knows It: The History of Local Newspapers


The Patriot News will likely be the last newspaper to publish in Harrisburg. It has transitioned to mostly online material.

According to the Penn State university libraries, the first newspaper to publish in Pennsylvania was the American Weekly Mercury in 1719.

The first one found in Harrisburg was the Harrisburg Journal and the Weekly Adviser, that began in August of 1789.

Lots of other papers followed including the Pennsylvania Intelligence in 1821.

Over the years they had a lot to cover in their own back yard. Like the civil war for example.

The front page of the Reading Daily Times was from July 6. 1863, three days after the conclusion of the battle of Gettysburg.

Harrisburg had at least three newspapers going at one point.

In 1948, the Harrisburg Telegraph newspaper shut down, the next year the Sunday patriot news debuted.

According to the Patriot News, the population in Harrisburg in 1950 was almost 90,000. Last year it was 49,000.

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