Gnoza Knows It | Snow measurements at HIA


"A week or so ago I got a question from John from Carlisle about how they measure snow at Harrisburg International Airport. Thanks to our persistent spring time snow falls this is still a timely issue. Sigh.

John wanted to know things like where is it measured, by whom and whether or not there is a sacred ruler.

I called our buddy Scott Miller who hooked me up with one of the people who does the measuring, Tom Harpster. I talked with tom on the phone and he gave me some of the info. Tom if I got this wrong please feel free to correct me.

First of all there is not a certain spot like with a rain gauge. Tom says for snow they pick an area that has been unaffected by wind or by humans. It could be the black top right outside of the office. It's a yard stick they use. They take a couple of measurements.

Tom says he is with the group that is contracted by the national weather service to take the readings."

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