Gnoza Knows It | Search for the bodies of murdered woman's kids


We have an update to a case back in November of 1998.

It was after the death of William Bradfield. He was serving three life terms for the murders of Reinert and her two children 11-year old Karen and 10-year old Michael.

Their bodies were never found but they were declared legally dead in 1987.

Police found this picture in Bradfield's belongings that they thought might be a grave marker as to where the bodies were buried.

State police received dozens of tips when the picture first came out, but they were never able to locate the marker.

CBS 21 called Ryan Tarkowski with the state police last week and he said police have gotten nothing on this.

The other man convicted in the case was Jay Smith. He died in in 2009.

There is the belief that one other person may have been involved and that person may come forward

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