Gnoza Knows It | Poison ivy misconceptions


I got poison ivy once really bad several years ago, and I vowed that it would never happen again. I am now passing along my knowledge to keep you safe.

There are several misconceptions about the plant. I misconceived about the plant before I got nailed.

First of all, here's a look at it, three leaves, two on the side, one going right up the middle. It's usually seen on transitional areas from like grass to woods.

You probably know that it is the oil on the leaves, urushiol, that causes the problems.

Kelly McCall of Pinnacle Health says one of their pediatricians has seen cases of poison ivy already this season in their practice.

Okay here are the things you might not know:

1) That urushiol can stick to your clothes for years! You're out walking in the woods, thinking you're safe. You take off your jeans and hang them up, you touch those jeans down the road. You could be affected.

2) Do not ever burn that stuff. You burn the leaves it can get in the air and if you breathe it into your lungs, you could be in serious trouble.

3) This is important to know to if you have children. I got the poison in huge ugly blisters on my hands. My son was one at the time, and I was worried that the ooze from my blisters would give him the rash. It cannot. That is actually just sebum that does not contain the urushiol.

4) There is a way to protect yourself from poison ivy. It is like sun block but it is ivy block.

Some people are just immune to poison ivy, but most of us are not. And your vulnerability may increase with each exposure.

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