Gnoza Knows It | Pennsylvania Liquor Sales


Is the purchase of beer and wine at grocery stores taking away from activity at the proverbial state stores?

So yesterday CBS21 asked Liz Brassell, the communications director at the Pa Liquor Control Board.

Apparently wine sales at the proverbial state store were down a bit in the fiscal year 2016-2017 from the year before.

Those sales were 851.4-million for 2015-16 and just 849 million this past year.

But Liz said overall sales for wine were up in general, boosted by wine to go permits at places like Wegman's and Giant.

Sales for the wine to go component accounted for 5% of total wine sales for the past year.

Wine to go permits have been in play for about a year and it may be taking some away from state stores, but not much.

Pennsylvania's liquor sales are still, let's say, different from the rest of the country.

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