Gnoza Knows It | Pennsylvania laws you might not know about


In this week’s Gnoza Knows It, Al finds out if you can still smell the chocolate aroma in Hershey anymore.

A woman by the name of Lisa, who works in Hershey every day, says yes, you can. She still smells chocolate in the air when she drives into Hershey.

And according to Hershey's website it actually has under the frequently asked questions that chocolate is still made in Hershey. The company says it has created one of the world's largest, most advanced chocolate facilities in Hershey.

Another topic was suggested by a lady named Sherry C.

What are some of the silly laws that are still on the books?

Did you know that in Pennsylvania, it is apparently illegal for a convicted felon to play Bingo?

A couple of other regulations still apparently on the books deal with fishing, in p-a you can't catch a fish by any of its body parts except the mouth.

And apparently it's also illegal to use dynamite to catch a fish.

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