Gnoza Knows It | Naming winter storms


"Someone recently asked me this question and i think our weather guys have gotten it--'Why don't yous guys use the winter storms by their name?'

This issue is one of my pet peeves.

First of all, a little explanation here, hurricanes are named by the World Meteorologolical Association and the national oceanic and atmospheric administration and we use those names.

Back in 2012 the weather channel started naming the winter storms. Kind of a self-serving thing I thought.

Several organizations feel the same way.

In fact, Accuweather came out a couple of years ago and said the weather channel's decision will create confusion.

Accuweather said it has been exploring the issue for several years and has found that this is not a good science and will mislead the public.

Accuweather says it does make sense to name hurricanes because-among many other reasons, they have a life of many days and often weeks.

The weather channel has heard the criticism but they are not stopping. They said it's just easier to communicate about a complex storm if it has a name.

There are those who think it is kind of pretentious for the weather channel to do this."

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